How to Calculate the Square Yardage of a Room?

Measuring the square yardage of a room can be tricky even for the those with good math skills. While it is important for general budgeting to measure the square yardage of your rooms leave the install measuring to a trained professional. Beloware some tools to help you.

Yardage is measured by multiplying the width of the room (in feet) by the length of the room (in feet) and then dividing that number by 9.


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CARPET TIP: Since most of our carpets come in rolls that are 12 feet wide, the carpet will be seamed in all rooms over 12 feet. Also, if a room is 10 feet by 20 feet (a total of 22.22 square yards) you would have to purchase a carpet that measures 12 feet by 20 feet for a total of 26.67 sqare yards. In this case, you can have the edges of the extra pieces bound and have the benefit of using them as runners and throw rugs.